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For agents who feel like they are spread thin trying to manage clients, vendors and transactions, we offer an easy to learn and easy to use full suite of tools to help manage your business.  We try to integrate as much as possible for you where you don’t have to manage different website passwords through our intranet developed around our CRM.

Think we have a CRM like everyone else?  Guess again.  You own your own data and can take your contacts with you if you decide to leave our platform.  Your broker doesn’t have access to your CRM contacts and neither does anyone else.  it’s your business and we treat it as such.  To learn more about what we offer agents, scroll down to our section named “Some of our agent benefits” below.


For agents who are looking to go to the next level by opening their own brokerage, we have many office options for you.  We start with training on being a broker/owner before you actually pull the trigger.  We want to take you through a simulated experience before you open your doors so you are primed for success.  Knowing how to manage your agent’s transactions for compliance and be able to pay your agents remotely while you’re on vacation is just a couple things you will learn.

Most new brokers are thrown to the wolves when opening their own brokerage.  We want to change this by creating an agent culture where you can see that being your own broker is the next evolutionary step in your business.  Being a virtual broker/owner while still being able to plug into a local eAgent Synergy Office is another way we make sure you stay profitable.  Checking your ego in the beginning stages is a sound way to build your brokerage for the long term.


Whether you are a brand new broker or have been one for decades, you want give your agents the best tools and training possible.  Your agents aren’t just assets for your business, they’re business owners who look for you to help mentor them through the good times and the bad.  Your ability to help your agents largely depends on your past experience and the technology you can offer them to make their businesses run efficiently.  If your agents aren’t profitable, you won’t be either.

eAgent has put together 3 affordable levels of technology each fitting a different level of agent.  This way agents don’t pay for tech they don’t use or haven’t had time to learn to use.  For brokers, you’re able to help and oversee transactions remotely in real time as well as pay agents their commissions through direct deposit or email them their check so they can print and cash it at their leisure.  Hate dealing with earnest money deposits?  We have you covered with digital ACH payments of earnest money so you know the funds are good and can be deposited with the title company immediately.


For brokers who already have a growing business and want more exclusivity, we have an elevated option called a Synergy Office.  This option gives you the ability to rent out dedicated space to other eAgent brokers as well as rent desk time to other eAgent brokers/agents in your area.  You also have the ability to host training events and have an exclusive territory where no other Synergy Offices can operate.

Recruiting top agents and teams who want to be a part of the eAgent experience can be much easier when they see what is offered at this location.  While some of our other office options can operate from a smaller or virtual space, a Synergy Office operates more like a hub for agents attracted to the professionalism of the office.  There is a certain vibe that is given off by this level of office.  We have found that this vibe can only be called Synergy.


For brokers who want to play a bigger role in their region, we offer the ability to partner with us to help build the eAgent brand through franchise sales, support and regional events.  As a regional partner, you gain exclusivity within your region which in most cases are several counties.  You know the market.  You know the people.  You know the culture.  By being a regional partner, you can now gain revenue share based on your efforts and expertise.

Instead of just recruiting agents into your brokerage, you’ll have the ability to recruit agents to have their own office or help existing brokerages make the switch to the many eAgent office options.  Partnering with eAgent is exclusive to only one person within each region. 

If you are interested in this highly exclusive level opportunity or one of the others above, please fill out our form below so we can contact you to see if we are both a good fit.  No worries about getting hounded by email campaigns and robo dials… we’re not that kind of company.  We’ll give you a call to see how we can best figure out a win/win relationship.  If this sounds good, then we think it’s time to talk about the elephant in the room.  Talk soon….

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